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Since 1977

After Europe...also injecting to EUA

If in 2009 the turnover was around 50% in irrigation systems and the other 50% in plastic injection services, currently the irrigation - through MARLUX - represents 30% of the turnover volume. The irrigation market in Portugal is small and rudimentary, mostly focused on minifundios, so the opportunity to export this type of products to other countries became complicated: "We decided to adapt our product to the reality of other markets, like Angola, but especially Spain, to increase the production and exportation of these products".

More expression has the services. Currently, plastic injection, which accounts for 70% of the billing, is made for the industry sectors, from automotive sector to home appliances and electronics for example, producing final products or components that will finally incorporate other products. There are a number of reference customers, which Teka (Ílhavo) stands out; J.Prior provides them components for microwaves and kitchen exhaust systems, helmets for the remarkable french brand Shark, to Quitérios, and many others.

Recently, J.Prior managed to position itself in the United States of America, and is currently supplying the distributor of baskets and two-wheeled supermarket carts. "A market that will grow if Europe doesn’t fail it, an exchange rate change against the dollar and that can put us outside the US market.

And it is because it does not depend on any particular sector and the fact that the area of plastic injection is in rapid growth that J.Prior didn’t feel the crisis. "We do not work for any particular sector, and if there are times when one sector or another suffers from falls, there are others that even grow." This is the sectoral 'compensation' that allows an annual growth of 10% over the last decade (last year the growth was 12%).

Investment of 8 million for September.

"J.Prior already had some dimension and impact in the parish - we are talking about a company that, ten years ago, already had 50 employees and about 4000 m2 of covered area – and there’s no sense to change as long as the autarchy could create here an industrial pole. A hope that took another decade."

However, and after already made a few reconstructions, a total investment of about 8 million euros to improve facilities, will change the layout of the factory production and will create a new logistics and research spaces to start up next September. Facts that, in their view, justified that the autarchy "looked more closely at this pole and its accessibility".

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