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Quality & R&D

J.Prior's Quality and R&D Policy reflects the set of strategic orientations aimed to the continuous improvement of both process and quality effectiveness, as well as the profitability of available resources, which ensure periodic review of objectives and the promotion of results.

Since 1977

the commitment of

  • The availability and allocation of resources required for the feasibility of its processes
  • Monitoring of processes by internal competencies, also using external resources by accredited entities when it’s necessary
  • Risk analysis and processes’ opportunities
  • Continuous improvement of its processes, increasing the effectiveness of the integrated Management System implemented
  • The availability of needed registers for system's evidence and the optimization of its resources
  • Regulatory and Legislative compliance


  • Dimensional
    • Calipers
    • Micrometer
    • Feeler gauge
    • Height and length gauge
    • Pi Tape
  • Functional
    • BSPT Thread Plug Gauge
    • NPT Thread Plug Gauge
    • BSPT Rings
    • NPT Rings
  • Optics
    • Camera Light
    • Profile Projector
  • Hardness
    • Hardness Tester (Shore)
  • Brightness
    • Hardness Tester (Shore)
  • Mass
    • Scales